Get on the Train by Victoria Banks

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Today, Victoria Banks shares a song with us she wrote and performs on her latest album, Indigo. Here is what she had to say about ‘Get on the Train’:


“Get on the Train’ was the first song I wrote after my mom took her own life. She lost a battle with mental illness a week before my first tour started. When I got home from my tour, I had no clue how to write another song, or how to express what I was feeling, in a way that wouldn’t just be depressing and sad…and who would want to listen to that?! One morning, I woke up to find this title singing over and over in my head, but I didn’t know what it meant. I shared it with my cowriter (Tia Sillers, the writer behind ‘I Hope You Dance’). She said, “I know exactly what that means. It means sometimes you just wanna lay on the tracks and give up, but you can’t. You’ve gotta get back up and get on the train. And that’s exactly what you’re doing right now.”


Listen to ‘Get on the Train’ Here! 


Photo courtesy of Victoria Banks

Also, here is a fantastic VIDEO by Victoria that shares a little bit more about herself, her mom’s suicide, and life as an artist.


Victoria Banks is a staff songwriter for a publishing company in Nashville, where she was labeled “one of the best songwriters in the business” by Music Row Magazine. She has penned ASCAP, SOCAN and Covenant-award-winning hit songs for Sara Evans, Jessica Simpson, Terri Clark and more. Victoria was named Female Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association on the strength of her 3 self-produced albums. You can sample all of Victoria’s music on her website and check out her tour schedule as well.


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