They Were the Life of the Party by Brandy Lidbeck

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My cousin, Chad, was a really funny guy. Hilarious, in fact. Every time we were together we would laugh the entire time. He would quote Saturday Night Live skits or throw baby carrots into my soda. He was so much fun. He died by suicide after he came home from Iraq.

My mom was also very funny. The life of the party. Outgoing and a lover of people. She was witty and had a silly side, too. She also died by suicide.

I recently came across a song by Walker Hayes called “The Comedian.” If you do not know Walker Hayes, you ought to get to know him. His music will make you dance nonstop.

Anyway, in the song, “The Comedian,” Hayes sings about his friend, Josh, who was the funniest guy he knew. He was the life of the party and everyone loved him. But then, one day, Josh died by suicide. Some of the lyrics below make me think about my cousin and my mom:


“It’s too bad being funny and being happy ain’t the same thing.”


“It’s so sad- some of the loneliest hearts in the crowd are the most entertaining. It’s such a strange thing.”


“Here’s to the ones that make us laugh to keep themselves from crying.”

So often, when someone dies by suicide, we are shocked and feel so blindsided by their death. We think to ourselves, “They were the funniest person I knew.” I think this is true for so many people. The line from the song that mentions making others laugh to avoid crying has some real truth to it. What do you think? Why are some of the funniest people we know also the ones most hurting?

Check out the full song, “The Comedian” below and check out Walker Hayes on his site.


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  1. Dianna Matzo
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    My sister also fit this description. Funny beyond belief. And also strikingly beautiful. I don’t think it’s ever possible to completely understand. Dianna

  2. Ken
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    I just came across the song today and started looking up the song writer and hoping to hear the story behind the lyrics. I couldn’t stop listening to it and even crying with the lyrics. It is such a sad thing. People try all sorts of ways of dealing with depression. Humor is just one way, but it quite effective. Unfortunately, the laughter doesn’t out last the pain. The pain so often hidden from everybody can be so unbearable. I know such pain and sometimes it’s all that can be done just to keep going.

  3. Candace
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    Ken …did you find out who the song was about? I was looking too.

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