Not Easily Offended by Brandy Lidbeck

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I typically do not get too worked up over the comments people make. Most people are ignorant to the words they speak or the impact they have. Most people have not experienced the horror of a suicide and so they cannot possibly understand the pain attached to the flippant comments they make. I cannot get worked up over every insensitive … Read More

What you should know about suicide in the wake of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain by Jennifer L. Lane 

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Losing my youngest brother to suicide eight years ago changed my life forever. I know things now that I could never have known if I hadn’t experienced this terrible loss. HERE’S WHAT I THINK YOU NEED TO KNOW. 1.  YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHY, AND NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM SPECULATING. One of the most frustrating things about losing a loved one to … Read More

Tell Me About Those Left Behind by Brandy Lidbeck

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This morning we learned that Anthony Bourdain, famous chef and TV host, has died by suicide. This comes just a couple of days after the well-known fashion designer, Kate Spade, also died by suicide. It’s tragic and devastating to say the least. The amount of media coverage that each of these suicides receives is understandable because the world feels as if … Read More

Letting Go of Why by Deborah Greene

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Dear Why, You have traveled this journey with me as an ever-present companion. We have traversed through this terrain, so unfamiliar and unsteady. But like a Dear John letter, I write to say that we have reached the fork in the road. I want to travel on without you. The hardest and simplest truth is this: For my father, living hurt too … Read More

30 Years Ago by Zoe

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30 years ago you left us, you left me. I don’t remember the sound of your voice, I don’t know what your eyes looked like or how tall you were, I don’t know what your favourite song was or which football team you supported. So many moments, opportunities and memories were stolen from me. And I’ve been lucky, I have … Read More

Always by Diane

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We were divorced, yes, but my grief has been no less than if we had still been married. I’m extremely sentimental to begin with, and I loved Dan with all my heart. Even after our divorce. Even after being able to acknowledge we were no longer right for each other. Even after going our separate ways. That kind of love … Read More

A Walk Down Memory Lane by Jessica Hutchison

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Why is it so hard to take a walk down memory lane? I spent the weekend immersed in packing, as we recently decided to move out of the house I swore would be my “forever home.” I set a goal to go through all of the boxes in storage, swearing I would not have it hauled to another home. I … Read More

Talking Openly About Suicide by Amanda MacMillan

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Recently, the folks over at Seleni wrote an article about  “How to cope when someone you love completes suicide and how to help someone at risk.” It’s a great article and worth the read. They even asked me to contribute some of my own experience:   “Brandy Lidbeck was just 10 years old when her mother completed suicide. After what … Read More

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