The Decade After Suicide by: Melissa d’Arabian

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Today we have the privilege of hearing from Melissa d’Arabian. Melissa is well known for having her own show on Food Network and shares with us her journey since her mom’s suicide. You can find more about Melissa HERE.   Photo courtesy of Melissa d’Arabian   One spring evening in 1989, I called home from college with a simple request: I … Read More

One Year With Suicide by Leanne Penny

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In Michigan the leaves are changing, bold and beautiful hues all falling to the ground. Autumn has always been my favorite season, but this particular fall day lacks beauty for me.You see, today marks the one year anniversary of my Mom’s death. One year ago today she took her life. Last year on October 13th I was crawling into my bed in … Read More

July 14th by Roger

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July 14th by Roger I had a very hard time getting to sleep last night. I kept thinking about Dan and wondering where he is and what he thinks of how things unfolded after he left us. Could he have ever imagined how people would react to his selfish act of suicide? I don’t think that was on his mind when he … Read More

Dad, Dance like Someone is Watching by Lori Nunnink

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Today, we have the honor of reading a wonderful piece by Lori Nunnink. Lori’s uncle took his own life when Lori was a small girl and she wrote this piece recently, when her grandfather turned 90 years old. She wrote to her grandfather from the perspective of her uncle John. It is a moving piece. Lori is the Executive Director … Read More

Reinforcement in the Aftermath of Suicide by LaRita Archibald

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Today we have the wonderful opportunity to hear from LaRita Archibald. LaRita is the author of “Finding Peace Without All the Pieces” and the founder of Heartbeat-Grief Support Following Suicide. Her words are profound and her message is powerful. LaRita is a pioneer in helping those impacted by suicide and it is a gift to read her writing. Enjoy!     … Read More

Comforted by Rachel DeVarennes

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  I looked down at my phone when it started to ring and saw, “Daddy.” 11:21pm. My dad is not one to call me, but more than that he is not one to call me late at night. After walking through my mom’s cancer journey in early 2012 ending with her stepping into Heaven and my grandfather passing away 4 … Read More

Cupcakes & Dread-Blocking by Jennifer Lane

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My brother’s birthday is smack in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This makes the holidays extra tricky.  I lost my little brother to suicide in 2010, and I’ve found holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries one of the hardest times of year to navigate emotionally.  These “big days” can be draining, and they can bring back those feelings of anger or … Read More

My Father by Denise Varga

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My Father (Dedicated to my Father Fred) You will always have a place in my heart You left me a long time ago It still hurts to think of you And the things of your life I don’t know I wasn’t enough to keep you here You made your mind up to go It must have been so lonely for … Read More

The World Is Not Better Off Without You by Melinda

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We wanted to get away. My fiancée Kyle’s family was embroiled in a mess. His parents had recently separated after having divorced and remarried one time already. Kyle was a bit of a pawn between his parents which was taking its toll on his state of mind. It felt good to be getting away. When we returned, his dad picked … Read More

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