I Can Finally Breathe by Ashley Gamble

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It was a Monday afternoon when my husband’s phone rang. The number was not saved in his phone so confusion showed on both of our faces, but when he answered, I heard a familiar voice and I just knew. He hung up the phone and looked at me in fear and all I asked was if it was an accident. … Read More

Quick to Anger by Jennifer Lane

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After losing my brother to suicide, I was surprised how quickly anger became a big emotion I was feeling.  After the shock and disbelief of what was occurring wore off, there were a couple days of extreme grief.  But as I sat in a hotel room, the night before my brother’s funeral, the anger became overwhelming. My husband, the videographer, … Read More

He Stopped Laughing by Heidi Paulec

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I sat alone on the fading brown and orange sofa as the film projector portrayed Sunday afternoon of many years earlier.  I chased him behind one side of the brand new brown and orange sofa; we emerged on the opposite side.  Grinning and giggling, we ran around our grandparents’ living room again and again.  As the film cycle-clicked into darkness … Read More

To Those Who Want to Ask Unanswerable Questions, From a Survivor of Suicide Loss by Deborah Greene

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Shortly after losing my father to suicide, I was watching a television interview with a fellow survivor. There was a particular part of her interview that has stayed with me throughout this grief journey. She talked about a “psychological autopsy.” When we lose someone to a physical illness, the autopsy, if performed, is left in the hands of the physicians. When we lose someone to … Read More

Just Another Day at Walmart by Denise Tyriver

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I looked around at all of the faces while my other Mom and I stood in line to check out.  The young couple with the brand new baby; the man who had to get around the store in the motorized scooter; the lady with the long weave that was red and yellow and the lady behind us with the adorable … Read More

I Didn’t Get It by Kelly Sousa

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I didn’t get it then. I was 13. A pre-teen who lived with my mother, step-father & sister Cindy a couple of months a year, due to being caught in the Custody battles between my Mother & real Dad. Cindy & I argued. She was 15. I was a little bratty sister who idolized her & would steal her cool … Read More

I’m Not a Runner, but I Run for My Dad by Tim Blankenship

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Nearly 40,000 Americans die by suicide every year and for each person who dies by suicide, there are an estimated 6 survivors who cared deeply and are left trying to pick up the pieces.  Many of these survivors are left with anger, sadness, frustration, guilt and shame.  How do these survivors move on or even attempt to cope and return to some type … Read More

Opening the Door to Creativity by Gayla Irwin

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  The year 1998 started with the discovery that my dear Dad was struggling through an intense season of despair and depression.  Summer arrived, we joyfully celebrated at my youngest brother’s wedding, and Dad seemed to be pulling out of the worst of it. Then one day he fainted and hurt his head in the fall. After a trip to … Read More

More Than Six Survivors Per Suicide by Brandy Lidbeck

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My mom’s funeral had over five-hundred people in attendance. She was a high-school English teacher and well-loved and adored by her two hundred students. She was the leader of my Girl Scouts Troop, and the snack mom of my soccer team. She had countless friends and colleagues that enjoyed her humor and her ability to bring a room together. She … Read More

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