The Gift of Second Needs YOU!

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  I am humbled by the incredible response The Gift of Second received this week. After only 4 days live on the internet, we have had more than 450 visitors! It is both tragic that this site needs to exist and, as I have heard from so MANY of you, such a blessing! So, let me say, welcome!   The … Read More

You Are Not Alone: by Alicia Vela

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Alicia shares her story and how she has found healing along the way after her uncle’s suicide. I was in 7th grade when it happened. I had come home from a school dance and the moment I walked in the door I knew there was something wrong. The air felt dense in every room. My dad called me into the living room and … Read More

Suicide Is Not His Legacy: by Lindsey Andrews

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Lindsey Andrews shares her story with us today and the importance of a legacy of a loved one not being marred by suicide. Telling your story is scary, overwhelming and tends to flood back the shame and the regret you felt during those specific points of your life. The scale and my driver’s license like to remind me that I’m … Read More

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