Always by Diane

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We were divorced, yes, but my grief has been no less than if we had still been married. I’m extremely sentimental to begin with, and I loved Dan with all my heart. Even after our divorce. Even after being able to acknowledge we were no longer right for each other. Even after going our separate ways. That kind of love … Read More

A Walk Down Memory Lane by Jessica Hutchison

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Why is it so hard to take a walk down memory lane? I spent the weekend immersed in packing, as we recently decided to move out of the house I swore would be my “forever home.” I set a goal to go through all of the boxes in storage, swearing I would not have it hauled to another home. I … Read More

Talking Openly About Suicide by Amanda MacMillan

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Recently, the folks over at Seleni wrote an article about  “How to cope when someone you love completes suicide and how to help someone at risk.” It’s a great article and worth the read. They even asked me to contribute some of my own experience:   “Brandy Lidbeck was just 10 years old when her mother completed suicide. After what … Read More

Why Do I Hang My Head in Shame? by Dianna Matzo

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Every time I think of you, my chin drops toward my chest and my eyes close. Memories, thoughts and emotions rush through my head like a subway train in a tunnel. I strive to keep myself from crying. Again. Tears to add to the buckets I have already cried over the last two and a half years. Sometimes an alert … Read More

A New Year by Brook Sanders

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A new year is upon us, friends. What better time is there to start fresh and put your bad behind you? I urge everyone to leave the bad feelings, guilt, despair, etc. behind you. This is the year to stop trying to please everyone, quit fearing change and living in the past. Stop overthinking things. Trust me when I say … Read More

Our Boy Brett by Bonnie Swade

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It is another December and this year marks the 14th year since our oldest son Brett took his life. In some respects it seems like yesterday as I can still recall our youngest son’s voice on the phone that he found his brother in our gazebo. We were in Chicago at the time visiting our daughter. I thought, “found him … Read More

I Still Ask Why by Kelley

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I lost my sister to suicide a year ago this November. Like so many other’s experience, her death was a complete shock. Hindsight torments me with my failures in recognizing what was right in front of me. I have profound anguish and grief. I feel responsible. The details of our loved one’s despair leading to suicide are all different, but … Read More

What You Need to Know When You Love Someone who Lost a Partner to Suicide by Brook Sanders

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The person you love isn’t afraid of much because they know what it’s like to stare their greatest fear in the face and survive to tell the story. They’ve received the phone call that their partner has passed away, they’ve picked out the funeral clothes for their husband or wife, they have picked the perfect songs for the burial. They … Read More

The Pain by Gina Churchwell

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Sometimes I just sit. I stare blankly, focusing on nothing. I’m quiet and still. The pain is so oppressive it sits on me and in me and I can do nothing but sit with it. I forget to breathe sometimes, so I manage to think…”inhale, exhale…inhale, exhale”…also “blink, Gina, remember to blink.” My eyes are so damned dry anyway, thanks … Read More

That One Dream by Brandy Lidbeck

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My mom died by suicide 26 years ago and in those 26 years, I have had exactly one dream in which she appeared. One dream. That’s it. I hear people, all the time, mentioning the dreams their loved ones have been in and how comforted they were after seeing them. That has not been my experience. The one dream I … Read More

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