Did You Know? by Dianna Matzo

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My sister Amanda… It’s been just over two years now. Did you know when you shot yourself that you would take the whole family with you in one way or another? Confidence in our perception of reality, hope for the future, peace in each day, and emotional and physical health, have all been stolen from your siblings. The old is … Read More

The Blame Game by Brook Sanders

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It is human nature to be curious. “Why?” is the most commonly asked question among any age group. When someone dies by suicide, people automatically want to know why. There has to be a reason. Who did what to them? Someone had to have pissed them off. Thus starts the blame game. It’s the spouse’s fault, it’s the mother’s fault, … Read More

Guilt vs. Responsibility and Healing by Brook Sanders

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It is imperative that we, as suicide loss survivors, are able to differentiate between guilt and responsibility. Even still, almost two years later, I feel guilty every day that my boyfriend died by suicide. I feel guilty that I didn’t recognize the telltale signs. I feel guilty that I lived with the man and I was supposed to be the … Read More

Solo Parenting a Grieving Child by Emily Vaden

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My husband, Troy, took his life on May 12th 2015. In the 800 and some odd days since, I’ve learned a lot about grieving, parenting and being kinder to myself along the way. 1) Self-care is non-negotiable.                   The way I look at it, I’m the only captain of this ship now. If I go down, there’s no one left. … Read More

Mourning Two Losses by Mandy Walter

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Suicide touched my life before I was even born. My mom lost her younger brother while she was pregnant with my brother in the early 70’s. He was never talked about and I didn’t even know he existed until I was about 10 years old. I guess that’s just how things were done back then, push it way down and … Read More

Somewhere Beautiful by Brook Sanders

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I’ve been taught some very harsh lessons in the last two years. I am definitely not the same person I was when it all started. First and foremost, life is short. It can change in an instant, yet, we all worry about silly insignificant things. Love can’t save everyone because if it could I know my boyfriend would still be here. Jesus, … Read More

I Deserve to Live by Vicky Ferguson

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I lost my mum to suicide September 23rd, 2013. In reflection, I was already very depressed and having suicidal thoughts myself. Trying to juggle a manager’s position, 3 kids, a home and trying to look after my mum was breaking me. My mum’s suicide nearly tipped me over the edge. I was so angry that I could have ripped the … Read More

Mom Struggling Well podcast

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I was honored recently to be interviewed for the Mom Struggling Well podcast. During the interview, we discussed my mom’s suicide, what it was like to grow up without my mom, the unique grief a suicide brings, how suicide impacts my parenting today, and how this website, The Gift of Second, came to be created. The interview is fun and … Read More

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