The Gift of Second is for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. It is a place for anyone suffering from this tremendous loss to find hope, encouragement, understanding, and community. If you have experienced a suicide in your world, then you are in the right place. The Gift of Second was designed so people further along in their healing can encourage those just beginning. It is the gift of going second, behind others who have been where you stand today.

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I’m Not Shocked by Suicide Any Longer by Brandy Lidbeck
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I was saddened to hear about the recent suicide of Chester Bennington, lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park. He left behind a wife and six children who are, no doubt, reeling in the devastating loss of their husband and daddy. He had so many fans and people... Read More

Mom Struggling Well podcast
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I was honored recently to be interviewed for the Mom Struggling Well podcast. During the interview, we discussed my mom’s suicide, what it was like to grow up without my mom, the unique grief a suicide brings, how suicide impacts my parenting today, and how this website, The Gift... Read More

Wishing You Peace by Sandra Erdle
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On TV tonight I was watching a show where a woman was told that her husband had died. It was ten years ago that my husband took his life, but tonight, I was right there again – feeling the shock, the loss, the anguish. I sobbed as I felt... Read More

Time by Brook Sanders
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For the longest time, I hated the realization that time goes on. I felt time stopped when my boyfriend died by suicide, and in a lot of ways, it did. In so many other ways, it’s marched on, whether I wanted it to or not. So much is different... Read More