The Gift of Second is for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. It is a place for anyone suffering from this tremendous loss to find hope, encouragement, understanding, and community. If you have experienced a suicide in your world, then you are in the right place. The Gift of Second was designed so people further along in their healing can encourage those just beginning. It is the gift of going second, behind others who have been where you stand today.

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When that Last Piece Dies by Brandy Lidbeck
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It was December of 1989 and I was eight years old. My Christmas wish list was full of toys and books and one item I wanted more than anything else…an alarm clock. I remember specifically asking my mom for “a clock that lights up in the middle of the... Read More

Not Easily Offended by Brandy Lidbeck
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I typically do not get too worked up over the comments people make. Most people are ignorant to the words they speak or the impact they have. Most people have not experienced the horror of a suicide and so they cannot possibly understand the pain attached to the flippant... Read More

Tell Me About Those Left Behind by Brandy Lidbeck
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This morning we learned that Anthony Bourdain, famous chef and TV host, has died by suicide. This comes just a couple of days after the well-known fashion designer, Kate Spade, also died by suicide. It’s tragic and devastating to say the least. The amount of media coverage that each of... Read More