The Gift of Second is for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. It is a place for anyone suffering from this tremendous loss to find hope, encouragement, understanding, and community. If you have experienced a suicide in your world, then you are in the right place. The Gift of Second was designed so people further along in their healing can encourage those just beginning. It is the gift of going second, behind others who have been where you stand today.

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We All Need a Vacation by Brandy Lidbeck
| |

The Gift of Second will be taking a vacation for the rest of July. We will return with new and wonderful content August 1st.   If you would like to share your story with us, we would love to have you. Just click the link on the bottom of... Read More

4th of July by Brandy Lidbeck
| |

When I was a kid, every 4th of July, my family and I would drive four hours north of Phoenix to a small town called Pinetop. About 100 family and friends gathered to play a weekend tournament of horseshoes. It was our most fun vacation each year because we... Read More

Perspective in the Midst of Tragedy by Matt Ham
| |

My grandfather, Mendel Ham, grew up on a farm in rural South Carolina. Although racial inequality was rampant, I’ve been told that one of his best friends was an African-American farm hand. And that pretty much sums up my grandfather. The stares and jeers of others weren’t strong enough to break his... Read More

What Should Have Been by Nate Wagner
| |

I lost my only sibling July 25, 2002. From that day forward I found myself grieving the loss of the memories that I longed to have. This impacts me to this day. I want to offer hope that you can become stronger through this loss. The number one thing... Read More

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