The Gift of Second is for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. It is a place for anyone suffering from this tremendous loss to find hope, encouragement, understanding, and community. If you have experienced a suicide in your world, then you are in the right place. The Gift of Second was designed so people further along in their healing can encourage those just beginning. It is the gift of going second, behind others who have been where you stand today.

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Twenty Months Later by Deborah Greene
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Today marks 20 months since my father’s suicide. I suppose it is time to begin counting not by months, but rather “year.” One year and a half, one year and 8 months… That word… “year” is hard for me. It makes the time since his death loom larger than... Read More

How The Gift of Second Came to Be by Brandy Lidbeck
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I was recently asked by The Dialogue Projects, a website created to reduce the stigma of mental illness by opening the dialogue around it, to share how The Gift of Second came to be and how the site is helping to reduce the stigma around suicide for those directly... Read More

It Was Never About Me (or you) by Brandy Lidbeck
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It was never about me. Never. I used to be so angry at my mom. How could she leave me while I was still so young? How could she plan for me to find her lifeless body? How could she write me such an insignificant note goodbye? Didn’t she... Read More

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