The Gift of Second is a blog for people that have lost a loved one to suicide. We want it to be a place for anyone suffering from this tremendous loss to find hope, encouragement, understanding, and community. If you have experienced a suicide in your world, then you are in the right place. The Gift of Second was designed so people further along in their healing can encourage those just beginning. It is the gift of going second, behind others that have been where you stand today.

Often times, an individual that has experienced a suicide feels alone, abandoned, confused, and shocked, as anyone who loses a loved one does. In addition, they might also feel not valued, unloved, ashamed, and depressed. Suicide is typically a taboo so the survivor is left to sort this out on their own. Thus, The Gift of Second!

At The Gift of Second, you will find blogs that are both helpful and informative, videos you can relate to, resources that provide connection, and more. Join the "Me Too" wall where you can see the first names of others on this same journey and appreciate that you are not alone!

If you are a writer and would like to contribute, use the contact page to reach out. If you have great resources to share or want to connect for any other reason, use the contact page as well.

we are both saddened that you are here but so glad you visited. If you know of anyone that has experienced a suicide, please invite them here. Everyone is welcome.